October 14, 2011

Super Adorable Sophia Grace + Rosie

I just can't get enough of these little girls singing Nicki Minaj's Super Bass! You have probably seen this youtube with Sophia Grace (8) and Rosie (5) from England. It has had over 9 million views, thats just crazy! Well they were just on The Ellen Show, not sure if you caught it or not but it's the cutest/funniest thing ever! Just like in the original video, Rosie is Sophia's little sidekick. She doesnt really say anything just stands there and looks cute!

Here is the second half of the girls on The Ellen Show, when they meet their Idol, Nicki Minaj. Warning: tear jerker!

It amazes me how obsessed an 8 year old can be with an artist like Nicki Minaj...I'm glad that their dreams came true!

 Their shopping spree came true too! This might be every kids dream. They are lucky girls, and wow can Sophia sing!

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