November 20, 2012

Fireplace Update

We were getting a little tired of our fireplace screen and the candelabra inside.

There was just too much going on. We decided to remove the fireplace screen and see if it made a difference. It made for a more simple fireplace area. There was one problem, the brick that was painted white was smoke stained from previous fires. It did not look good. However, this was nothing a little paint couldn't fix. We could have just kept the white and painted over the burns, but we decided to add a little accent color to the fireplace. Nothing too bright and crazy because we already have a lot of color in our house. We went with Valspar's "Cathedral Stone", a lighter, neutral gray.

A quick trip to Lowe's for some paint, a tray, a brush and a roller and we had ourselves a little Saturday project!

It's a fairly small area, so we just started with the brush and went along all the edges carefully (painters tape wasn't necessary).

Then we did 2 coats of paint with a small roller, letting the paint dry between coats.

We were quite pleased with the color, and it really makes the brick pattern stand out. We removed the candelabra and just stacked our Aspen wood in its place.

We hung our fancy gold and glitter dipped feathers for Thanksgiving (tutorial to come), and our updated fireplace was finished!