June 7, 2012

Red Ridge Farm Veggies : Week One

We recently bought what I consider the best groupon I have purchased yet, a 4-week Community Supported Agriculture membership.  Whats that you ask? Well each weekend we visit our local farmers market and the great people of Red Ridge Farm have a big bag of fresh picked, organic fruits and vegetables for us.  The bag is filled with picks from the latest harvest.  Last Saturday we picked up our first bag of fresh, organic produce!

Red Ridge Farm is owned by Jim and Ami Zumalt and the farm has up to 60 varieties of vegetables and more than 475 varieties of fruits, herbs and flowers each season!

Red Ridge Farm's Blog

Our bag last week was referred to as a "grill mix," she told us all these veggies would taste the best grilled so we took her advice.  We steamed the root veggies for about 20 minutes, this included the beets, turnips, potatoes and radishes.  Then we tossed the rest of the veggies : onions, peas, carrots, and garlic bulb, in Italian Dressing, and threw them all together on the grill basket.

Grill Basket
Close Up
Perfect Side for Grilled Bang Bang Shrimp.

Enjoy! and don't forget to come back to see what's in the next bag of organic goodness.