January 25, 2012

Thought Catalog- 5 Things Men Are Not Allowed To Wear

The Thought Catalog never ceases to amuse me with their hilarious and sometimes controversial opinions. This article, "5 Things Men Are Not Allowed To Wear", was one that I had to share. The writer's explanations are even better than her list.....

1. A Short-Sleeved Button Down Shirt

2. Running Shoes In Any Context Other Than Running

3. Deep V-Neck T-Shirt

4. Cargo Pants/Shorts

5. Tribal Necklaces

I think the tribal necklace is my number 1 no-no on this list! What's your number 1?

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A Chemist's Chandelier

Pani Jurek , is the master-mind behind this Chandelier of test tubes and I just love the idea of this piece.    Inspired by chemistry, Pani inserts circular plywood bands with a collection of test tubes.  Pani Jurek was inspired by the Polish scientist, Maria Sklodowska-Curie, who won the coveted Nobel Prize in Chemistry the year of 1911, she was the first woman to win this prize. 

Maria SC...

made from chemistry test tubes set in two plywood bands,

classic yet innovative,

experimental, filling tubes with different color liquids

romantic, freshly cut flowers.

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