March 12, 2013

Diamonds and Elephants

If you guys are as into The Bachelor as us over at Pretty Penny are, then everyone was glued to the television last night.  I unfortunately had to DVR it and watch it later, but SPOILER ALERT...
The fun and adorable Catherine won:
I am so glad that she won (even though Lindsey was from Missouri), Catherine was just so great and as cliche as it sounds I wanted to be friends with her!

Both on their last date and right after the proposal Catherine and Sean rode off into the sunset on the backs of elephants!
so if I was really friends with her and invited to their huge ABC wedding that they announced on last nights "After the Rose" I would have to include these cute little guys in their wedding gift :)
Salt and Pepper Salt Shakers
Speaking of Elephants look at the massive rock she officially got to start wearing last night, how could you let this guy just hang out in your jewelry box for months?!?
Cheers to a good season and a happy life (fingers crossed) for Sean and Catherine
all images found on google