July 12, 2012


Need an easy and inexpensive way to hang art?? How about using pant hangers? It gives your art a different look, and you can switch out your prints easily as often as you want.

We found these pant hangers on sale for just $2, for a set of 2. We knew they would work perfectly for the fern prints that we printed off of the the NYPL Digital Gallery for free! They had been collecting dust because we hadn't taken them to get framed at matted. This method was way easier, and cheaper, and I think it adds a little character to the prints.  

We had a narrow wall that was really in need of some artwork, and these pant-hanging ferns worked perfectly!

They hang right on a regular nail.

You could even stain or paint your hangers if you wanted to add a personal touch to them.

Bottle Fish

I am blown away by this fish installation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These fish are made of discarded plastic bottles!!

The installation on Botafogo Beach, is part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development. (Rio+20). At night, the fish are illuminated from the inside. I really wish I could see this work of art in person.