October 11, 2011

Quilting isn't just for Grandma anymore

Contemporary Quilt Making, sounds like a joke to me however, Luke is doing it and doing it well.  Residing in Seattle this unique artist is making fully functioning art that is also easy on the eye.  His bold colors and perfect use of shade and shadows make his quilts truly...contemporary. These intriguing works of art are really brought to life after watching this video of Luke making a small portion of one of his masterpieces.

Commission- These are projects made for commission 

Children Laughing

Gifts- These are pieces made as gifts.  
Bra  (made for Simplicity Creative group for their breast cancer awareness challenge)

America Nostalgia- This is a set of quilts made a few years ago for an exhibition

Man Stuff-  Responding to the traditional role within the Quilt media
Elk Head

Me- Self Portraits because he enjoys the "marketing of himself as an icon."

LUKE as an artist is really inspiring, he is thinking above, around and outside of the box. 


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