November 14, 2011

Cute Video Alert- The Lazy Song

How adorable are these twins singing and dancing to Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song"!?!?!

Thanksgiving Dinner Club PINspiration

We are hosting a rather large dinner club at our house this Thursday, and of course it's Thanksgiving themed. We want the tables to look festive, so we have been looking around for ideas. Where better to look than Pinterest right? Here are some fun and festive table settings for Thanksgiving, that are giving me some great ideas!

 Not sure if I want to buy 25 pumpkins, but love the burlap!

 Apparently there is a shortage of acorns this year in our area, but maybe I can scrounge some up! looks so cute with the candle.

 Love these lettered candles!

The simplicity of this is gorgeous.

We can't have a table setting without name cards! Here are a few fall/Thanksgiving name cards:

 So simple.

 Love this, and you could use any type or leaf/flower/bud as an accent.

 I think that white pumpkins make great decorations, and so cute with the book page nametags.

So delicate and cute.

Hope this helps give you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving feast too!