August 14, 2012

DIY Painted Coasters

We are big fans of coasters around our house, especially DIY coasters, like these. We had some plain white tiles left over from coasters we made for Christmas presents, and decided to make some bright painted coasters to add to our collection.

These are very easy, and you can get creative with your shapes and patterns.

ceramic square tiles (from any hardware store)
paint brush(es)
masking/painters tape
acrylic paint
gold spray paint, or gold paint pen (optional)
clear acrylic gloss coating
foam, felt or cork

Using your tape, create your desired pattern(s) on your tiles, remembering that wherever the tape is, it will end up being the ceramic white.

Using acrylic paint, paint the while parts of your tiles. 

*Don't let your tiles dry completely. Peel off the tape as soon as you are done painting, to create a cleaner line. You can use your fingernail, or any sharp point to scrape off any paint that snuck under your tape.

We didn't like the plain edges of the coasters, so we wanted to paint them gold. We found some gold spray paint, and we were going to use that, but it seemed like a lot more work, to keep the newly painted tops from getting gold on them. We remembered we had a gold paint pen, that would work perfectly. We carefully painted all 4 edges of the coasters with the gold paint pen.

After the paint on your coasters has dried for a little, spray 2 coats (waiting 2 minutes in between coats) of clear acrylic gloss coating to sealing the coasters and making them water-resistant.

After the gloss coating has dried, usually for 24 hours, glue some felt or cork to the bottom of the coasters to keep them from scratching the surfaces that they set on.

Now you have yourself some fun and custom coasters!