July 27, 2012

DIY Headboard

One Sunday I decided to play handy man in stead of lay out at the pool. I went to the local hardware store and browsed their scrap wood section. I have a queen bed in the guest room up against a blank wall, so it needed some headboard love! I measured the width of the bed according to the frame, for the wood and the height that I wanted.
Below is a list of the materials I used:
  • 4 pieces of scrap wood- 60 inches wide x 4 inches tall
  • 2- 2x4 pieces of wood measured at 54 inches tall
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Your favorite stain or paint (I used Mini-Wax Jaco Mean Stain because I had it left over from my floors)
All I did was lay out the 2x4's and screw the planks into them using the drill. I used 4 screws per plank.

Once done, I did one round of sanding to smooth out the scrap wood. I only applied one coat of stain because I didn't want the headboard to match my floors. Let it dry for about 24 hours.

And about 30 minutes and $45 later, you have a new headboard!