July 31, 2012

Taking it to the Streets

The Olympics are in full swing, and taking over our evenings (and maybe your days, if you are streaming at work). Meanwhile, street artists are taking over the streets of London, showcasing their talent (and opinions) in the form of graffiti.

Authorities are cracking down on street art, and have even made several arrests. This hasn't stopped some street artists, like Criminal Chalkist, Mau Mau and Banksy from expressing their opinions. The locations of Banksy's two pieces (seen below) have been kept a secret for the fear of being painted over.

Criminal Chalkist- "100 Meter Dash"

Banksy- Javelin Missile Thrower



Mau Mau- "Clown Town Olympics"


Mr. Moustache

Pretty impressive work, controversial or not.