March 26, 2013

Eggcelent Decorating Ideas

what you need : jumbo hard boiled eggs, sequin trim (pictured above), hot glue gun and a pencil for making your letter outlines.

what you need : hard boiled eggs, cardboard and T-pins (to make a drying rack), neon food coloring, hot water, vinegar and tongs & rubber gloves.

what you need : hard boiled eggs, pastel Nonpareils (can be found at Target or Homegoods), tacky glue, paint brush and spoon 

what you need : hard boiled eggs, pretty twine and a steady hand (to tie a dainty bow)

what you need : eggs, thrifted 100% silk ties, dental floss (to tie the tie to the eggs), scraps of clean white cotton (old pillow cases work well here), hot water, white vinegar, and a cold water bath.

 what you need : drained Eggs (how to), a water-filled container, paper towel, stir stick, paper towels, and assorted nail polishes.

what you need : eggs, color copies of botanical prints (google images can be found here), Modge Podge (matte), scissors, and a paint brush

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  1. hi! megan, I didn't know you had a blog! was just stalking you on instagram and found it. anyway, hope your easter eggs turned out better what I came up with - it was not ok in the slightest.


    PS those decoupage eggs are insane! john derian eat your heart out : )