March 20, 2013

A Blueprint for Success, in Television

I think this artist has got himself a GREAT idea! What a fun way to appeal to all of the TV junkies out there.  I was always a huge Friends fan and I can't help myself but to tune into a marathon or two when they are on.  This Spanish artist has been working as a professional interior designer for the past two decades and I really like the direction he has taken his creative mind.  I would do anything for a blue print of the Friends apartment oh and I don't think I would turn down Carrie's apartment either.  Check them out!

Friends - living across the hall from my "Friends" has forever been a fantasy of mine :)

Friends - how nice would it to have a Grandmother who gives you her NYC apt. Monica was one lucky girl and I think her friends were even luckier? A clean roommate...haha.

Sex and the City - shouldn't her closet be three times that big?

How I Met Your Mother - I can't help but think about the episode when Marshall and Lily are hiding in that tiny bathroom and they are trying to keep some mystery in their relationship, and it's all lost when he has to "go to the bathroom" with her in the room.  What a great show, and an even better apartment. 
Gilmore Girls - going to high school in this charming town like Stars Hollow was always my dream. 

Halfway through this post I realized that his etsy shop is closed down, he has a message saying that he is overwhelmed with interest in his prints and he is playing catch up and will not be accepting anymore requests.  However, I still believe this is just too cute and creative not to share, so drool over these images, but it might be a while till you get to hold one or even better frame one!  



  1. Hi, I just want to say I really love these and how much work you'e put in these!

  2. could u do big bang theory