February 1, 2012

Barbie Art

For the 50th anniversary of Barbie (which was in 2009), Jocelyne Grivaud, a French artist, recreated masterpieces from classic art using the famous face of Barbie herself.  Jocelyne stated that these images are her personal contribution as a Birthday present to her mascot, Barbie.  I think that if anyone out there had a Barbie growing up you can appreciate these works of art, I know that we all did very much so!

Barbie vs. Picasso
Dora Maar Portrait (1937)

Barbie vs. Nefertiti
The Egyptian Museum in Berlin

Barbie vs. Warhol
Fifteen Minutes of Fame (1960's)

Barbie vs. Man Ray
Le Violon d'Ingres (1925)

Saved the best for last! I want this hanging in my office next to original Bob

Barbie vs. Glaser
Bob Dylan Poster (1974)

Check out the site for more work of Jocelyne Grivaud, she has some really unique work.  I mean statue of Liberty - Barbie edition... unreal. 

This post is dedicated to my cousin, she taught me all about Barbie and the doll will forever remind me of her xoxo.


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