January 27, 2012

Book Club- First Attempt

So we started a book club.... how "adult" of us right? (You would think at 25, we would do more "adult" things). Well we started with a classic, The Great Gatsby, and it was somewhat of a success. Successful in the fact that we ate, drank and talked girl talk all night. Not so successful in the fact that we didn't even utter the word "Gatsby" once....whoooops! I guess we spent too much time talking and writing papers about it in High School.

We had some great apps, I made Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese bread, and it was delicious, and so easy! Recipe HERE.

We decided our next book would be something fun and easy to read in a month. We went with....

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, by Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly on "The Office", and also co-produces and writes for the show. So it has to be funny, right? Well I just read the first few pages and it's hilarious!

We will try to share our book club reads each month, in case you are in search of a good book. Stay tuned to hear about Mindy Kaling's book.


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