September 7, 2011

Perfect Pairing

It's about that time for another edition of "Perfect Pairing."  This time we are inspired by a head over heels Romantic Kitchen.  Not exactly Fall feeling, but I am not sure if I am ready for fall yet so one more summery, early September room and an outfit to tide us over. 

Living In

Romantic Kitchen

Going Out
Detailed Sleeves make this Blouse fit the Romantic feel this Kitchen possesses

An Asymmetrical skirt makes this outfit interesting and the color matches the flowers in the room 
This Belt adds another Romantic element, the bow, and the pop of color mimics the lovely barstools in the Kitchen that I am so jealous of
*as of today is now selling merchandise news*

Teardrop Jewles on this lovely necklace look similar to the Chandilier and set the same glitzy mood

These fun Scalloped earrings have the same color palatte of the room and the pattern really adds something to this Romantic Look

An Envelope Wristlet helps complete the look by adding another texture, done just like the raw unfinished celilings

These shoes add the "ta-da" to this look the same way that the side table and the accesories finish the room, how perfect!

Get inspired by decorators and fashionistas, furniture and wardrobes, accessories and...accessories.  Keep your eyes open and stay creative.


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