July 26, 2011

The Many Faces of Mason Jars

Mason Jars, Ball Jars, Pickling Jars call them what you want to call them but do one thing with them...collect them.  Look at all these fun ways to re-face, re-purpose or decorate with them.  After this you will be looking right and left for a simple glass jar. 

Serve up a Frozen Treat

Great For Storage - DIY

Meal in a Jar

Simply Stick a Straw in one

Display a Photograph (in olive oil) - DIY

Transform into a Hanging Lantern - DIY

Next to the Kitchen Sink - DIY

Fall Decor
Fill a Mason Jar with Candy Corn...so simple

Christmas Decorating (too soon?)
Floating Cranberries or a Snow Globe

Painted Planters - DIY

Mason Jar Chandelier - DIY 

Mason Jar turned Terrarium

Collecting Jars for a Mantel

Hope this has inspired you to keep your eyes peeled for Mason Jars in thrift stores, antique malls and sometimes even grocery stores. 


1 comment:

  1. Love this, Meg! I have loved blue Ball Perfect Masons since I was a girl - still can't pass one without buying... I use mine for cotton balls, q-tips, etc. in our "powder room"!