May 3, 2011


Ombre is a french term used to describe the shaded effect, with colors graduating from dark to light. This trend is seen everywhere, and I can't get enough of it! From clothing and accessories to nails and hair! I'm more of a fan of the single color fades than the multi-color blending, but both are prevalent. 

Love this monochromatic blue dress from Saks, and all the bright fun colors these clutches come in!
This scarf shows a different blending technique from one end to the other. I think this yellow multi-colored ombre shirt would go perfectly with a comfy pair of jean shorts.

I love how the ombre technique is not only for fashion. Most of us have a large enough collection of nail polishes, that creating this look ourselves would be pretty easy! If your nail polish collection doesn't look like a crayola crayon 120 pack like ours, then you can just take your favorite color, and add a little more white to the polish for each nail. So many of the celebrities are creating this ombre look with dark roots and bleached-out ends, and I think Rachel Bilson pulls it off perfectly! It sure saves a lot of money on root touch ups at the salon.


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