April 14, 2011

Birthday Alarm

We all forget birthdays! It makes ya feel like a pretty crappy friend/relative/spouse when ya do, doesn't it? You can write them on calendars and in planners, there is even a section on facebook, but you will still forget some.  Well I recently received an email from my cousin, asking me to submit my birthday to a Web site. I thought it was weird, but looked into the site. It's called  BIRTHDAYALARM.COM .  Simply sign up, import your contact list from your email domain. Birthday Alarm will send an email to your chosen contacts asking for their birthdays (your friends and family will think its spam, so put a personal note letting them know that it is not). Then you get a reminder email a day or two before each person's birthday. What a great idea! Now if we could only have reminders like that about everything...


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