May 22, 2012

DIY Fabric Covered Flower Pots

I made these fabric covered pots as Mother's Day gifts, and I think they were a huge hit. I saw a few different covered pots on Pinterest (of course), and figured it couldn't be too hard. They would make perfect gifts for any occasion: Birthday, Housewarming, Get Well Soon, etc.

You just need a few materials:
Mod Podge (they need to start selling this stuff at Costco!)
Terra Cotta Pot and Saucer
Brush (I have found the cheapo foam ones work best with Mod Podge)
Thumb tack

Lay out your fabric, and starting from one edge, roll your pot in an arch shape along the fabric from one side of the fabric to the other. While rolling, trace a line about an inch and a half from the top of the pot (you will need this extra fabric to fold over in the inside of the pot). You can kinda see my pencil line on the pic above.

Cut the fabric out along the line you have drawn. Your shape should look like the pic below.

Paint a small section of your pot with Mod Podge and, starting from the shorter side of your fabric, stick it onto the Mod Podge'd part of the pot, smoothing out the section that is now glued. Continue doing this with small sections to ensure no bubbles or folding, around the entire pot. When you get back to the side of the pot you started with, cut off the excess fabric and fold the end in, so you don't get any fraying, and glue that folded edge down.

Now for the top and the bottom: Cut 1 inch slits around the fabric on the top, and fold those pieces over into the inside of the pot, painting on the Mod Podge to adhere. The bottom is a little tricky, you may need to cut excess fabric off. Cut slits in the fabric, like at the top, and glue the pieces down as flat as you can.

Paint the entire outside of the pot with a coat of Mod Podge. Let dry, and paint another coat on if you would like.

Once my pot was completely dry, I used a thumb tack to poke a few holes in the bottom so that water could get through the pot.

Fill your fancy schmancy pot with herbs, flowers, or even use it as a fun container for your makeup brushes or pens and pencils.


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