January 6, 2012

Bubbly Babycakes

I got a very fun new kitchen tool for Christmas this year and I just couldn't wait to put it to use. 


New Years Eve I was in charge of making a dessert for our Progressive Party, and so only one thing came to mind... Babycakes (and champagne)

I came across the most perfect batter recipe...

Champagne Cupcake Batter
1 box Super Moise White Cake Mix
1 1/4 cup Champagne
1/3 cup Vegetable Oil
3 egg whites

After cakes cooled we used a homemade double-boiler and melted white candy melts bought at Michael's

We also found festive sprinkles in both gold and silver our color combo for the evening.  Rolling each Babycake in sprinkles started out pretty complicated, once we discovered a method, we became a Babycake Making Factory!

Our method was plopping the cake in the melted chocolate and using two spoons to evenly distribute the melted goodness, after that either gold or silver (sometimes both) sprinkles were sprinkled all over the sticky babycake.  We then let them cool on parchment paper. 

These cakes turned out so moist from the simple addition of the bubbly!
How festive. 



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