December 7, 2011

DIY JOY Garland

We had a lot of burlap to use after we took down our Friendsgiving tables, that went through 3 rooms in our house! Luckily, burlap makes for some very cute Christmas decorations too. Brooke sewed stockings for all 4 of us out of the burlap, and I made this little JOY garland that we hung from the mirror in our living room.

It was super easy and fun! All you need is:
 a few feet of burlap (more or less depending on how many triangles you want)
twine , rope or thick string of some kind
 red embroidery floss (that you make friendship bracelets out of)
a large needle with an eye wide enough to fit the red floss 
 white acrylic paint
 letter or shape stencils
whatever you would like to add to your garland (I used red bells and some greenery cut from a tree in our back yard)

I simply cut out 3 large diamonds from the burlap, and folded them over the twine (so you have 2 triangles, one on each side of the twine), stringing the bells in between each one.

Using a large needle and your red embroidery floss, sew each half of your diamonds together with a large stitch (this will attach your diamonds to the twine, and create the triangle shape. Do the same to the other 2 diamonds, so you end up with 3 double sided triangles.

Then just stencil whatever wording or shape you would like onto your triangles, add a little greenery (I just poked mine into one of the holes in the bells) and TADA!


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