December 14, 2011

DIY Hanging Xmas Pine Cones

We still had our fall wreath up on our front door on Sunday, and I figured that needed to be taken down! We spent so much time decorating the inside and the outside of our house for Xmas, we neglected the front door. 

We have a lot of crafts going right now, mostly for Christmas gifts, so we needed something quick and easy. Our house should be in a Hobby Lobby ad right now, you can't even tell we have a dining room table because it's covered with all sorts of craft scraps, hot glue guns, gifts, wrapping paper, you name it!

I remembered seeing a  DIY project with hanging pine cones on Pinterest, so I went with it! We had all of the supplies at home, and it took only about 5 minutes.

All you need is:
ribbon (i used some Christmas colored ribbon we already had)
pine cones
hot glue gun
wreath hanger, or some way of hanging it from your door

Cut your ribbon to different sizes and collect them all together, evening them out at one end.

Tie another ribbon in a bow around all of the ribbons that you gathered, holding them together (the green ribbon is the one i used to tie mine together)

Put a rather large amount of hot glue in the top of each pine cone and attach the bottom of each ribbon to it. Be careful pushing the ribbon down onto the hot glue, it's thin and the hot glue could burn you through it!
Once you have glued all of your cones on, let the glue dry for a minute or two. Attach a small hook or ring to your ribbon that is tied in a bow, and hang it from your wreath hanger. You could also  just hang it from a nail without a hook or a ring.


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