December 13, 2011

A 90's Kids Christmas List

I came across this 90's Kids Christmas List and wow did it take me back to the good 'ol days! The days when even the simplest toys kept our attention for hours!

If any part of your childhood (or your children's childhood) took place in the 90's, then you will probably recognize all of these toys! You may have even had several of them on your Christmas list!

A few of my faves:

Bop It....twist it....pull it....really tested our coordination and reflexes! 

My Grandma did a great job of feeding my Beanie Baby collection! I still have bags of them, because "some day they are going to be worth so much money!".....still waiting for that day! (Mine even have tag protectors, in case anyone is interested)

I can still remember the way these little guys smelled (weird, i know), and somehow they were so entertaining.
What kid did not want to feel like they were walking on the moon???

Oh stretch armstrong! How badly i wanted you to accidentally break so i could see what was inside of you!


Tamagotchi! I took that thing everywhere, but i guess I had to if i wanted to keep him alive!