November 21, 2011

DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

We had an early Thanksgiving last Thursday with our friends (we call it "Friendsgiving"). It was a blast, something we will have to continue each year.  We wanted some fun and simple place cards for everyone, to make the table look a little festive. We decided to collect all different shapes and colors of leaves, and then write our friends' names on them.

So basically all you need are some leaves, and paint pens. We used gold and silver, they showed up the best. We got white also, but it didn't really work.

 Here's how it looked on our faux-porcelain plastic plates! With 28 people attending, we had to go with plastic and paper everything, except for the wine glass, which we have over 30 of for some reason!

Some more pics of the whole place setting, and part of the table.  We also discovered that you need to make these the day of your dinner, or the colored leaves will wrinkle and dry up a little. We learned that the hard way, and had to re-do a few.

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