August 2, 2011

A Windy City Wedding

Just got back from an amazing wedding weekend in Chicago. A great friend of mine from college married her perfect match! It was a beautiful wedding, and a great time with old friends! We made a long weekend out of it, and got to see a lot of Chicago, and do some fun things around the city.

The architectural boat tour was great! I learned a lot of neat things about the amazing buildings that make up Chicago. I have always wanted to take it, especially after seeing The Breakup. Our tour guide was great, but he was no Vince Vaughn.

Enjoyed some Chicago beers: Goose Island, Honker's Ale and 312 Urban Wheat Ale. I love the Goose Island beer tap handle.

Stopped to rest and have a treat, I had to take a picture of this amazing ice cream display!

Gorgeous Wedding (and wedding party) at the Assumption Church.

I know they have these street dancers everywhere, but I am still so entertained by them.

I had to stop at my favorite Chicago sandwich spot, Potbelly.

A 26-foot tall controversial statue of Marilyn Monroe on Michigan Avenue.
I saw some interesting pictures being taken underneath poor Marilyn!

Finished our weekend off with some sushi at Naniwa on Wells. This roll was the biggest I have ever had! It had 4 kinds of fish in it, and took me 3 bites to eat. You can see how big it is compared to the regular sized roll next to it. Man was it delicious!

What a great weekend with great friends and great weather! (a nice break from the triple digit temps we have now in KC).


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