August 17, 2011

Urban Table

Last evening I tried a new Local eatery, Urban Table.  It is a Bread and Butter Concept, that is really hitting it off in Corinth Square just like the sister restaurant BRGR

The wrap around porch like seating area has a comfortable feeling adding to the farmhouse appearance.  Food. Wine. Social. is exactly what you get when walking into Urban Table.  This place is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I have only experienced dinner here but it was a great one.  We "opened" with Olives and a Tomato Salad with a Lemon Mustard Vinaigrette, they both arrived in fun serving dishes. 

The rustic chandeliers and raw wood tables really add something to the experience, you don't feel like you are in Kansas anymore (sorry had to) .  Walls decorated with wine bottles and statement mirrors opens up the space.  The bathrooms are also innovative with a few communal sinks and adding to the rustic farmhouse theme the signage fits in perfectly and is just so adorable. 

bar area

lunch bar

dinning room

clever bathroom entrance

The choices of Dinner Entrees isn't overwhelming, there are a few salads and sammies, each day the Entrees evolve, so check here to see what to expect that night.  We decided to try the Bruschetta you get to choose 4 and they all sound amazing.  Here is what we settled on...

I definitely think that everyone needs to check out this place for themselves and I will more than likely be going again.  Hopefully next time I can mark off breakfast or lunch, but I will for sure settle for dinner again.  Check out Urban Table's site here and don't forget to Eat Local.


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