August 15, 2011

Perfect Pairing

It's time for another "Perfect Pairing" post, and this time we are inspired by a room that has both indoor and outdoor elements.  The weather is cooling down and an open-air room is ideal this time of year. 

Living In

Airy Veranda

Going Out

A Chiffon Cardi represents the Airy Curtains and is a staple in this room and on this look

Bold Wide Leg Trousers show off the accent rug and pillows in this fun room
Straw Fedora is meant to be a look-alike to the chairs in this room, the natural texture is crucial in the room and really adds something to this outfit

Striking Glass Bead Earrings are as playful as all the bright accessories are in the veranda
The Final piece in this outfit is a Cream Crossbody Bag that is as romantic as the lanterns hanging in the sun kissed trees

 As always keep getting inspired by environments around you whether you are inside or out, decorating or getting dressed. 


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  1. Love those earrings! Everything is cute in this post!