August 22, 2011

DIY Tassel Earrings

I've been seeing tassel earrings all over the place lately. I've seen all different colors of tassels made of string, leather, chain and even and old tshirt. I decided this would be a great DIY, and it was so easy!

I looked around at JoAnn's Fabric, and found a ton of already made tassels, but they just seemed too big to be hanging from your ears (or at least for my style.) I made these teal tassel earrings out of the string we used to make friendship bracelets out of. They have so many colors to choose from, and it's cheap. I recommend JoAnn's because they had all of the other supplies I needed as well.

What you will need: 1 thing of embroidery floss (friendship bracelet string), 2 fish hook earrings, 2 jump rings, small pliers and scissors  

unwrap the embroidery floss, and cut it directly in half. Take out 1 piece of thread from each bunch.

String the jump ring through each bunch of string, stopping in the middle.

Fold both sides of the string down and, using the piece of string you pulled out, loop around the bunch, creating a loop. Tie it in a double knot and snip the ends. I put a drop of glue on there to make sure it didnt come untied. Make sure this is the back of the earring when you attach the fish hook..

Attach the fish hook earring to the jump ring and tada, there you have it. Cheap and easy my friends! You can use more or less string if you would like your tassle thicker or longer.

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