July 20, 2011

Underwater Gallery

In 2009 an innovative museum was open in the water surrounding Cancun...that's right water.  An underwater museum was formed by three people, The President of the National Marine Park and The President of the Cancun Nautical Association and an Artist, Jason DeClaires Taylor, who created over 400 life size sculptures. This museum is one of the world largest underwater and permanent exhibitions. 

The Sculptures before Installed

Installing the Exhibit

Permanent Exhibition

My favorite concept behind this entire project is how the artist and committee that founded this exhibition has a real goal in mind and that is to bridge the gap between art and environmental science.  They are trying to directly form a corellation between  reef life and the work of art itself.  How amazing is that?

Starfish found a new resting place

Art vs. Reef Life

A School of Fish have new obstacles to swim around

The Cancun Marine Park has a vast amount of visitors over 750,000 a year.  That high number really places pressure on the resources of the natural reef.  The material each of the 400+ figurative Sculptures are made of premotes coral re-growth and life. 

Visitors to the Museum


In 2011 they completed new installations for visitors to explore. Another goal they have for this project is to eventually host special underwater cultural events.  I hope I get the invite!   

Newest Installation

Sculpture has an internal living space for Lobsters

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