May 17, 2011

Bringing the Outdoors In

All this rain has definitely made our lawn look full and green! We thought we would bring some of the bright springy look/smell into the house. We don't have any plants in our house other than fresh flowers, but this grass is so easy to maintain and it took no time before we had to start trimming it!

We found this little planter at Good Ju Ju and thought it would be perfect for our adult chia pet project.

We also planted the grass in an extra hurricane that we had. I just love that you can see the roots.

This was so easy. We just got some soil and bought cat grass at the hardware store. We put it by the kitchen window and kept the soil damp. Megan had a great idea to put a couple ice cubes on top of the soil when we left for work, so it gradually watered the soil as the ice cubes melted. I felt like a little kid checking for sprouts every morning and night, the anticipation just killing me. The grass started sprouting after about 5 days, then it just went crazy! I  You can grow this in pretty much any container you would like.


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